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Anthea teaches individual and group lessons both in-person and online. She has a bachelor's degree in Education and takes students of all ages for guitar, clawhammer banjo, and fiddle lessons. She also teaches workshops for school groups and special events.

Old-time fiddle and body percussion workshop with children in San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala. 

Bass made out of a date container and elastic bands.
Guitar made out of an egg carton and elastic bands.
Stringed instrument made out of a cookie tin and elastic bands.

Finished products from a workshop on "home-made music" with a Grade 4 class. We explored acoustics, heard and examined some different instruments, and used recycled materials to create our own. Duct tape makes a great drum head!

Anthea Feaver holds a guitar and performs outside of Balzac's Cafe in Kingston, Ontario.
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